High Chicago

Toronto investigator Jonah Geller has opened his own agency, World Repairs, with best friend and partner Jenn Raudsepp. Asked to investigate the apparent suicide of a young woman, they’re drawn into the high-stakes world of construction and development on a long-neglected parcel of Toronto’s waterfront. Clues lead them to suspect that fabled real estate tycoon Simon Birk—the partner of the dead girl’s father—is killing anyone who gets in the way of the project. Without enough evidence to convince Homicide Sergeant Katherine Hollinger, Jonah heads off to Chicago to take on Birk, his creepy hairless bodyguard and a corrupt cop. As Birk unleashes a wave of attacks against Jonah, he calls on reinforcements, including former hit man Dante Ryan, and crafts an audacious plan to take down one of Chicago’s most powerful men.