Lostport (E-Book)

The man calling himself Ben McBride entered the witness protection program to break free of a life of crime and violence in Tampa.  Given a new past, and hope for a new future, he’s about to board a flight to Tucson when word comes that his cover there is blown, and he has to head in a different direction: north to a town called Eastport, on the Erie Canal outside Buffalo.

It doesn’t take Ben long to find trouble in the declining snowbound town the locals call Lostport. Because from the moment he gets there, the local law is on him. He’s being followed wherever he goes. And he soon gets the feeling he’s not the only protected witness hiding out in Lostport.

Is it bad luck? Coincidence? Or is someone behind the scenes pulling strings to assemble a group of men desperate enough to pull a once-in-a lifetime heist?

From the award-winning author of Buffalo Jump, High Chicago and Boston Cream comes a thriller about a man caught up in a scheme that will test his strength and ingenuity and take him back to the violence he tried so hard to escape.