News: July, 2009

High Chicago reviews

Jul 27, 2009

The first reviews of High Chicago have all been raves.

The Calgary Herald calls it “a more than worthy sequel, with an intriguing plot, a wicked sense of humour and masterfully managed dialogue. You might even say that Shrier is making the world of crime fiction a better place, one Jonah Geller mystery at a time.”

Yvonne Klein, of says, ”High Chicago is tighter, tauter, and speedier than its predecessor. I am looking forward to the next American city to receive a flying visit from Jonah Geller and his crew.”

The Village Post says: “Shrier is one of the most exciting new voices in the mystery genre. This sophomore effort is sure to please.”

Canadian Jewish News: With High Chicago, Shrier cements his reputation as a fine mystery writer. I suspect and hope that he and Jonah will be around for a long time to come.

You can read the full reviews under, well, Reviews.

Sign, Sign, Everywhere I Sign

Jul 23, 2009

I’ve been making the rounds of bookstores in and around Toronto, signing copies of High Chicago and meeting the sales staff. They couldn’t be nicer. Really receptive to hearing about me and my books and enthusiastic about getting to know Jonah Geller. At one Chapters location, they even bought all the remaining stock of Buffalo Jump so they could read the books in the right order. And the feedback my publicist has been getting has been terrific.

One employee wrote of High Chicago: “By page 50, it’s like I’m 9 years old again and I’ve got the script to Empire Strikes Back in my hands…. with Luke (Jonah Geller) and Han (Dante Ryan) reuniting again to take on the Empire….”

Another wrote: “Howard’s presentation was brief but informative. I think we could have listened to him talk for much longer.  It sounds like Howard is a mystery/suspense reader as well as being a writer.” Which of course I am.

And I received this one the other day: Just wanted you to know how much I loved High Chicago. I started it this morning, have been reading it on and off all day and have just now finished it. It had everything I love in a mystery: tons of action, totally endearing tough guy , awesone dialogue and a great story. I’m going to go back now and read Buffalo Jump. I work at Chapters Bayview and unfortunately missed your visit the other day, but you can bet this will be my Staff Pick and I will be advising my customers that this is one great big Must Read! All the best and will be watching out for the next one.

Promotion takes me away from my third book, but that’s what writing is all about. You procrastinate until you start sweating bright red beads of blood, then you get down to serious work!

High Chicago now on sale

Jul 14, 2009

Finally! After months of anticipation--on my part, anyway--High Chicago went on sale today. Check your local bookstore or order on amazon. As much as I love Buffalo Jump, as only a first book can be loved, I think High Chicago is faster, more focused and an all-around better book. But that’s up to readers to decide and I hope they vote with their feet, as the saying goes. I look forward to hearing from critics and fans alike.