News: June, 2011

Coming in January: Boston Cream

Jun 09, 2011

Random House Canada has just confirmed that my third Jonah Geller novel, Boston Cream, will be published January 31, 2012. It will be available in bookstores in Canada and the United States. The original projection was next spring so I’m thrilled it will be out a little earlier than planned.

Here’s a brief synopsis:

David Fine is not the kind of guy to go missing. Or so his father tells Toronto PI Jonah Geller. A brilliant young surgeon-in-training, David is devout and devoted to his parents—but hasn’t been seen since leaving the Boston hospital where he worked two weeks ago. Still recovering from a severe concussion, Jonah and partner Jenn Raudsepp soon find out that David fled for his life when a vicious Irish crime boss tried to abduct him. And that he’s more likely dead than alive. Then Jenn joins the ranks of the missing, and Jonah needs help from former hit man Dante Ryan and two local wiseguys as he races the clock to save her life, one step ahead of the Boston law.

Meanwhile, I’m researching book four in the series, which will take Jonah to Montreal to investigate the murder of an old friend. Since I was born and raised there, I think I’ll have a better feel for this location than any of the previous books.

Also, coming this summer to Amazon as a Kindle e-book: my standalone thriller Lostport, about a man who goes into the federal witness protection program to escape a life of violence, only to be forced back into crime by a corrupt lawman. Watch this space for more details.