News: July, 2013

A Baker’s Dozen: 13 raves for Miss Montreal

Jul 19, 2013

If you don’t have time to read all the rave reviews that have been coming in for Miss Montreal, here are excerpts from the first thirteen I’ve seen.

“Maturing as one of recent crime fiction’s shining stars, his latest effort will resonate with anyone who knows [Montreal], and earn Shrier many new followers… a topical plot full of twists and virtually nonstop action. All in all, Miss Montreal is the strongest entry in an already very strong series.” – Jim Napier, January Magazine

“A great crime romp through our city. Shrier gets Montreal right. The grittiness, the contradictions, the corruption, the politics — even the potholes.” – Francois Lauzon, Montreal Gazette

“Alongside the thrills, we get a trip through a city that Shrier knows intimately and loves utterly. Montreal is more than a background, it’s a character in the novel, as L.A. is to Chandler or Boston to Parker. This is the best Jonah Geller book yet.” – Margaret Cannon, Globe and Mail

“The best and liveliest [Geller book] so far… Crime novels featuring able, sympathetic investigator bonded with rough-and-tumble, harder-edged buddy constitute a familiar formula, but it’s a formula that, done right, can be winningly fun to read. In Miss Montreal, Howard Shrier does it right — and does so thoughtfully, in the context of some important, current issues while he’s about it.” – Joan Barfoot, London Free Press

“A smart mix of deduction, instinct and being in the worst place at the best possible time. Jonah Geller can’t ever escape the darkness that haunts him, but there’s a sense—despite the dangers that befall him—that he has a better-than-even chance of making good with a bit of light.” – Sarah Weinman, National Post

“Montreal’s hectic vibrancy, ethnic tensions and political shenanigans are well-captured and should translate exotically south of the border… Geller’s perilous and hilarious exploits with ex-contract killer Ryan (surely one of the more inventive rich crime-lit pairings) muscle this tale along… Go, discover Geller. Because Shrier is in hot pursuit of a best-novel three-peat.” – John Sullivan, Winnipeg Free Press

“Shrier portrays the city with the eye of a true connoisseur. His characters are as vivid as the streets – smart, wisecracking and less than squeaky clean. And Geller is that perfect mix of tough and compassionate. Miss Montreal is one of those books you can’t put down. It’s a great addition to the world of crime fiction and a must-read for fans of La Belle Ville.” NNNN – Lesley McAllister, NOW Magazine

“Geller’s voice is smart, funny and contemporary. This summer read features fast cars, wisecracks and guns galore — what more could a reader ask for?” Joann Alberstat, Halifax Chronicle Herald

“Shrier has clearly not lost touch with Montreal and its ever-volatile social, political, cultural and crime scenes… It’s his knowledge of the city’s inner workings that makes his latest caper so credible — and frighteningly so.” – Bill Brownstein, Montreal Gazette.

“My pick of the month for June… Well worth reading. Someone should make a movie out of this.” – Richard King, Global TV (AM Reads Book Club)

“This fast-paced mystery features both action movie-worthy car chases and a nuanced portrayal of tensions between Quebec’s cultural groups — with vivid accounts of the city’s famous neighbourhoods and seedy underbelly.” – Jillian Bell, Chatelaine (Summer book club pick.)

“Shrier’s books are consistent in tone and depth, smartly written mysteries that rarely telegraph where they’re going. Miss Montreal deftly focuses on Canada’s most unique city, dealing with its perpetual nationalistic French-English divide, current immigration concerns including integrating a sometimes hostile Muslim population as well as hearkening back to the city’s storied past. It’s another ambitious but successful book, proof positive that Shrier is one of the finest mystery writers extant.” – Shlomo Schwartzberg,

“Howard Shrier has done a fantastic job with the setting. Descriptions of Montreal, the inhabitants and the current atmosphere are all detailed and ring true. The plotting was excellent and frighteningly believable. Simmering racial and cultural tensions on many fronts, the separatist movement, political machinations, terrorism and more populate this fast-paced novel. Fans of the crime genre, I encourage you to discover this award winning Canadian series.” Luanne Ollivier, A Bookworm’s World