News: October, 2014

Heartstopper: an interactive mystery

Oct 18, 2014

Less than two weeks ago, the Toronto Star commissioned me to write an interactive, online story for their October 18 crime fiction supplement. It had to have three different solutions to the same crime in a whirling, helix kind of structure the likes of which I had never seen.

My first instinct was to say no. These kind of computer games are for my kids. The deadline was too short. I am an artist whose characters have to grow organically, after months of painstaking research.

“Get over yourself,” said my wife.

So I plunged in—and had a fantastic time! Working with Books Editor Deborah Dundas, artist Paul Watson and J.P. Fozo, Senior Editor, Digital Projects, was a dream. They were entirely supportive and patient as we explored this new territory.

The result is Heartstopper.

I hope you check it out—and choose the right path to follow.