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Sep 23, 2014

if you like gritty crime thrillers, my standalone novel, Lostport, might be for you.

It’s the story of Ben McBride, who enters the U.S. Witness Security program—WITSEC—and relocates to a fading canal town in upstate New York. Struggling to find work and establish a new life in Eastport, Ben is stunned to find he is not the only protected witness in the county. There’s a whole group, brought together by a corrupt sheriff, Earl Keene, who forces them to rob an aging Mafia boss of five million in cash. But the sheriff has a surprise coming because Ben is not the man he appears to be. A former cop who had to seek protection after testifying against corrupt fellow officers in Tampa, Ben is going to fight for his freedom—and the money—with everything he’s got.

You can read Lostport free in serial form on Wattpad. A new chapter is posted every week (as of September 23, 2014, we are up to Chapter 16).

Interested? Curious? Chapter 1 starts right here.